ACCUCOMS in China since 2006; full Sales Representation since 2018


ACCUCOMS started calling into the Chinese market in 2006, and, since then, the number of campaigns we have run in China has increased year on year. We have been confirming thousands of subscription-renewals and setting up hundreds of trials in the country.

At the end of 2018 we launched our China sales representation service to help our customers make the most of what we see as unrealized potential in this market.

Opportunities in China: a big market

China currently has 283 universities with more than 20 million students enrolled; and the country continues to invest heavily in its high-ranking C9 Universities (the Chinese ‘ivy league‘ and of strategic importance for the future of Chinese academic development).

It is not a new idea that China continues to a mine of unrealized potential for publishers in terms of both subscription sales and as source of high achieving authors. Our experience at ACCUCOMS leads us to believe that, despite its potential being understood for some years, there is still plenty of room for growth in this market.

Challenges of selling in China

One of the reasons that there is still growing room is that it is difficult to sell into the Chinese market: at least, without the help of a team who understands both the publisher and the market. The linguistic, cultural, and bureaucratic challenges of doing business are intimidating hurdles, but our team in China can help overcome that through:

  • Established relationships with consortia and major research institutions
  • Fluency in the local language(s)
  • Understanding of the bureaucracy and specific Chinese requirements
  • Culturally nuanced and knowledgeable negotiation skills

Working with Chinese consortia

China has two important national consortia:

  • DRAA (Digital Resource Acquisition Alliance of Chinese Academic Libraries
  • NSTL (National Science and Technology Library).

Unlike some others, ACCUCOMS works with both of these national consortia on behalf of our publishers. We take the time to understand a publisher’s content to create a suitable strategy to approach the best fit of institutions and consortia for that

Beijing Book Fair

ACCUCOMS will be exhibiting at the Beijing Book Fair (21st to 25th August 2019) – get in touch with one of our China team if you like us to represent you in China or if you’d just like to get extra presence at the book fair.

Our China team

Rakesh Malik

Commercial Director

Tammy Chang

Commercial Manager

Lucy Duan

Inside Sales Representative