Aggregagent Background

Aggregagent is a combination of the best of both an Aggregator and Agent, and offers libraries and consortia the opportunity to subscribe to journals from leading independent and nonprofit publishers in one big deal. You can pick and choose from subject collections, that contain journals from multiple publishers, to create a package that best fits your needs. The collections vary in subject granularity and go from broad subject areas such as Health Sciences or Physical Sciences to specialist topics such as Oncology, Aerospace Engineering or Languages & Linguistics; there are plenty of options. Aggregagent combines a large freedom of choice with the convenience and scale of a big deal.

Collections in Aggregagent

Aggregagent allows you to select as many subject collections as you need. The collections vary in granularity and in size. In many cases, you can choose if you want to have only the top-ranked content, or also less-well ranked titles. Subscribing to content across all tiers allows you to offer your patrons a more inclusive collection, and gives you an affordable and low-risk way of discovering new high-quality content from respected Societies and smaller publishers.

Complete Collections currently available include Health Sciences, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences and Social Sciences.

Aggregagent offers dozens of Specialist Collections in a wide range of subjects, such as Medicine, Oncology, Agricultural and Biological Sciences, Biochemistry, Engineering, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Humanities, Social Sciences, and many more!

We also offer ALPSP Collections. These collections only contain content from members of ALPSP, the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers. Next to the ALPSP Complete collection, we offer multiple subject collections, like ALPSP Science, ALPSP Life Science and ALPSP Linguistics & Arts.

How were the collections formed?

Titles of multiple publishers have been brought together in subject collections based on subject classifications in Scopus. This means that titles can be part of multiple collections. For example, Journal of Clinical Oncology is a journal in the field of Oncology; the journal features in multiple Aggregagent collections: in the Oncology Collection, in the Medicine Collections and in the Health Sciences Collections. If a journal is in multiple collections that you subscribe, you only pay for it once.


See the Aggregagent Infographic for some interesting facts and numbers about Aggregagent!

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