Consortia developments in Colombia


As some of you may know, Colombia’s national consortium Colciencias stopped working as a licensing institution last year.

Its replacement, CONSORTIA, was appointed by the Colombian government to manage all national purchases of information resources going forward. Already over 50 academic institutions are part of CONSORTIA, and more are expected to join in the coming years.

We see this as an opportunity for our publisher clients; not least because the new consortium has started purchasing resources from multiple publishers, and is actively looking at adding more content (part financed by government, and part financed by the participating institutions). To make the most of this opportunity we have, in turn, increased our presence in Colombia.

Welcome Camila

Camila Torres has joined the ACCUCOMS team to support Anouk, who many of you already know (our Regional Manager responsible for Colombia).

Camila is based in Bogota and one of her roles will be to build and maintain relationships with the consortia and its constituent libraries and faculties: she and Anouk have already been meeting with representatives from CONSORTIA to promote the publishers we work for in the region. 

Decision-making and faculty input

Decisions are made by the selections steering committee, made up of representatives from key universities and the newly-formed Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

The steering committee pays close attention to recommendations from faculty to decide on new content.

ACCUCOMS are keeping in close touch with the consortium and the publishers we represent in Colombia, as well as focusing more on how we keep in touch with faculty to keep our clients and their content in the forefront of the decision-makers’ minds. 

Our Colombia team

If you want to learn more about the developments in Colombia, do not hesitate to reach out to Doug, our Commercial Director for the Americas –

Douglas Wright

Commercial Director Americas

Anouk Snijders

Regional Manager Americas

Camila Torres

Inside Sales Representative Americas