Deutscher Bibliothekartag

ACCUCOMS Stand no.: 3

ACCUCOMS staff attending: Tessa Horka

The Bibliothekartag is the central training event for the librarians and staff of information institutions and many other information specialists. Librarians, information professionals and people of other specialties within libraries see themselves as space between social and media change while keeping pace with the new requirements of their target groups and with the market conditions which have not kept pace with changes in digitization.

The Bibliothekartag offers many opportunities for sharing knowledge with colleagues, publishers, development partners, service providers, retailers and other industry partners. New relationships are established and old ones maintained. When people become the main focus of the Bibliothekartag, then the library staff associations have done their jobs well. The local libraries have supported us intensively to reach that aim. Without their local networking, the Bibliothekartag would not be what it is today. The banking and trading metropolis Frankfurt is the right place for the largest library conference in Europe revolving around “Media, People and Markets”.

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