INFO 2017


ACCUCOMS staff attending: Fanny Monegro

INFO 2017 – The 32nd Annual Conference & Exhibition
9-11 May 2017 Israel
9 May, Crowne Plaza Jerusalem, 10-11 May, Hilton Tel Aviv



The INFO 2017 programme will include seminars, workshops and presentations and will be built around the following themes: ePublishing Solutions, Internet 2017, Big Data, eBooks, Visual information, the Mobile Worker, Open Access , PKM, Content Delivery Networking, Social Media, Webinars: tools and methodologies, Content Resources & Content Management, Medical Information, Information for industry Competitive Intelligence, Management Information Systems, Knowledge Management and more 

Who Attends:

INFO conferences have been the largest professional and attractive meeting of all involved in information: information specialists, librarians, researchers and academics, Information and Content Managers, Heads of consortia, Research Managers, Information Procurement Managers, Research Scientists, Information buyers, Business Intelligence Managers, information Systems Managers, Project Managers, managers and executives in organizations in various sectors: academic, industrial, commercial, government, medicine and law.

Are you interested to meet our Sales Representative for the region? Please contact Fanny Monegro.