LIANZA Conference 2014

LIANZA 2014 takes place at the SkyCity Auckland Convention Centre in Auckland, New Zealand. The theme of the conference this year is ‘Pou Whakairo’ or ‘Connect and Thrive’. The LIANZA 2014 conference aims to address the past in order to best view the future. The conference is geared towards librarians and information specialists in New Zealand, Australia and the world over. 

The phrase/theme of the LIANZA 2014 Conference is ‘Pou Whakairo’. This name is taken from the same name of a sturdy quality wood which is carved into unique and elaborate shapes by a master craftsman. The purpose of these figures and shapes is to convey stories of the past and present in order to allow people to better connect with future events and upcoming happenings or developments. 

This metaphor of the craftsman carving ‘stories’ and ‘events’ into a sturdy wood is pertinently applied to library and information specialists. Library folk bring a multitude of perspectives and backgrounds to the library and information industry. These shared perspectives shape the view of the industry, just as the carvesman shapes the sturdy wood into stories. However, a deep reflection on past industry developments is necessary to better understand the future and to improve and shape developments. 


Conference topics to be covered as part of the LIANZA Conference 2014 include custodianship, protection, copyright, open access, creative commons, skill development, information literacy and more. Technological challenges and industry developments will be explored and discussed as part of interactive workshops, keynote presentations and more. There will also be a hackathon that will take place during the LIANZA Conference 2014.

Keynote speakers are Rangimarie Hunia, Wiremu Doherty, Dr Ingrid Parent, Damon Salesa, Mai Chen, Witi Ihimaera – “Whale Rider”, “Dame” Fiona Kidman, Thomas Frey as “The Futurist”, Eibhlin “the Harp” Roche and Judith “the Kangaroo” Peacock.

View the entire LIANZA Conference 2014 program here. 

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ACCUCOMS looks forward to participating in the LIANZA Conference 2014 in New Zealand. We are keen to inform you about what is new at ACCUCOMS, company developments and how we work together with Swets in South East Asia to help librarians in their every day jobs. Please contact to arrange an appointment time or for more information regarding the LIANZA Conference 2014. 



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