A two day conference sponsored by publishers and free of charge for participants. 

The publishing landscape is undergoing changes. This notion is nothing new, but in recent years, the publishing process has stirred up emotions within, and outside of, the scholarly community. European research funding organizations have come together in launching the initiative Plan S – intending to push the agenda for Open Access publishing forward. Moving too fast, some say. Not fast enough, say others. 

Whether or not one agrees with the outline of Plan S, it is clear that the requirements and policies from research funders are intended to guide the development towards increased open science. Some immediate effects are more demanding requirements for researchers to comply with, as well as a forced transition towards publishing Open Access, which calls for a discussion on the future of the publishing process.  

Instead of big deal subscriptions packages a growing number of publishers are now offering offset deals, where the publishing costs are added to the price for reading rights. Institutions are paying to read and paying to publish – with the hope of a near future with reading access without subscriptions costs.

What do we see in the crystal ball – is it diamond, platinum, golden or green OA? What are the publishers’ visions? How high is a too high APC or BPC? What about institutional publishing and other financing models, through collectives of universities and libraries? 

Come join us in Lund to hear what publishers, researchers and librarians have to say about the future of scientific publishing!