SNBU | Seminário Nacional de Bibliotecas Universitárias

World renowned researcher, Peter Burke, will give a keynote presentation on “the Archaeology of Knowledge and the Archaeology of Libraries” at the upcoming 18th edition of SNBU – Seminário Nacional de Bibliotecas Universitárias (National Seminar of University Libraries) taking place in Belo Horizonte Downtown, Brazil. 

This is the first year Belo Horizonte will be the host of SNBU (The National Seminar of University Libraries). Researchers and participants from across Brazil will participate in the event, which is sponsored by the Federal University of Minas Gerais Library System (SB/UFMG).

This year’s theme “University Libraries and Public Access to Information: articulating laws, technologies, practices and management”, aims to shed light on the role of librarians and information professionals before the knowledge society as we have come to know it today. The seminar will reflect on library best practices, discuss new and interesting technologies and also importantly allow for discussions on shared experiences within the information and knowledge sphere. 

snbu belo horizonte

Main topics to be discussued include knowledge organization and information services, laws of public access to information, management of university libraries, scientific communication, technology etc. 

Furthermore, this is an event geared to providing attendees with one of the richest opportunities for reflection, debates and shared experiences within the library sciences field. 

[Image credit: Wikipedia]