Create your own content collection

Collections, a tailor-made selection of the publications you need, without the ones you don’t. Don’t pay for irrelevant publications, pick and choose from subjects that truly meet your needs.

Collections allows you to select as many subject collections as you need. The collections vary in granularity and in size. In many cases, you can choose if you want to have only the top-ranked content, or also less-well ranked titles. Subscribing to content across all tiers allows you to offer your patrons a more inclusive collection, and gives you an affordable and low-risk way of discovering new high-quality content from respected Societies and smaller publishers.

Most popular Collections 




Sports Science


Key benefits

  • Combines a large freedom of choice with the convenience and scale of a big deal.
  • Collections with high-impact titles from independent and nonprofit publishers
  • Single invoice saving you time
  • Single license agreement
  • Subscribed content stays accessible
  • No embargo period
  • No platform fee
  • Convenient customer service and centralized access set-up


There are many more to choose from such as Agricultural and Biological Sciences,  Artificial Intelligence, Humanities, Social Sciences.

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