RedLink has a unique perspective on how data can be used to help academic publishers, editors, and libraries save time, engage readers, and streamline collaborations. RedLink’s innovative solutions cut across platforms and help to unite the scholarly ecosystem.

RedLink Network is our free service to libraries and publishers, allowing them to connect and collaborate to resolve access and support issues with a community-driven offering. RedLink Network is a public benefit company.

RedLink’s subscription products include our Library Dashboard and our Publisher Dashboard.

Library Dashboard
RedLink Library Dashboard provides a complete overview of journal and e-book usage and turn-away statistics, helping you with collection development decisions so you can license the best content for your patrons.

With Library Dashboard, you get a 360-holistic view of e-content usage which helps you spend your budget wisely on the most-needed publications and identify subscriptions that you may want to renegotiate.

Publisher Dashboard
RedLink’s Publisher Dashboard delivers metrics that matter — to track usage, retain existing subscribers, and identify upsell opportunities.