Ringgold has created a process for the accurate identification of institutions and the relationships between them. Each institutional entity has been assigned its own unique Ringgold ID, which is mapped to the organizational hierarchy and a range of classification metadata, including consortium membership.

Ringgold’s Products and Services

  • Identify

    Database of over 300,000 institutions and consortia from around the world.

  • Auditing

    A Ringgold Audit compares your customer data against our authoritative institutional Identify database and provides you with institutional identifiers and the data to gain a true understanding of each customer and your market as a whole.

  • Consortium Directory Online (CDO)

    The Consortium Directory Online is a fully searchable, comprehensive database of library consortia world-wide, which allows publishers to confidentially approach the consortia market armed with authoritative data.

  • Training

ACCUCOMS is the exclusive reseller of Ringgold products in all territories except the United Kingdom and North America.


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