About Accucoms

Accucoms is the leading provider of sales and marketing services to academic and professional publishers worldwide. We have extensive expertise in global representation for clients ranging from large publishing houses to specialist society publishers. We work on behalf of publishers to help boost their sales, expand their readership and increase customer retention and engagement in the markets that are important to them. 


We are a global company with teams operating in the UK, Netherlands, North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and North Africa, Turkey, India, China, South Korea and South East Asia.


We specialize in library sales, increasing customer retention by means of customer support and training services. Our publisher clients opt to outsource their sales and marketing activities to us while retaining full control of their marketing and sales strategy.

Accucoms is committed to achieve measurable success for publishers and for librarians. Our local language skills and rooted presence in well-established as well as developing markets allow us to offer a uniquely tailored service, much valued by publishers and the library community.

Accucoms represents a variety of academic, society and professional publishers around the world. 

We are uniquely placed to offer:

  • Account Management

    Taken care of by our highly experienced sales reps 

  • Local Market Knowledge

    Our sales team speak over 40 different languages and our knowledge of local customs ensures strong relationships resulting in excellent sales and long term growth.

  • Specialist Market Knowledge

    We can undertake market research, gap analysis projects, lapsed subscriber campaigns as well as list sourcing and customer surveys on behalf of the publisher

  • Group 17

    Conference Representation

    Our sales representatives will make personal visits and exhibit at conferences on the publishers behalf