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Our Strategy

Accucoms works with publishers of high quality content that would benefit from being actively sold around the world. We take the time to understand the quality and nature of the content you publish to ensure your brand and reputation are meticulously represented. We are a truly global sales and customer support team that acts as your own. We give you direct contact with our local teams who can give you regular feedback on market information and your sales pipeline.

Why work with us ?

  • Our knowledge of local languages, customs and established customer relationships opens doors and strengthens bonds.
  • We act as your outsourced sales and customer service team in territories globally.
  • We renew your existing customers, grow current consortia agreements, drive new business and provide market feedback and product development advice.
  • We manage customer relationships, make personal customer visits and exhibit at conferences on your behalf.
  • We provide additional services such as Market Research and Outreach Campaigns, Author Training and a fully comprehensive Customer Service and Invoicing package
  • Sales Representation

    Sales in the institutional and professional information markets is complex and time-consuming. Accucoms can support you in achieving your international sales potential in a number of ways
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  • Market Research & Telemarketing

    Market research can gain you valuable insight into your customers’ needs and attitudes. Whether you want to market-test a new product or better understand your competitive position, our customized surveys and customer satisfaction reports can provide you with the intelligence you need to inform strategic decisions.
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  • Author Marketing

    In a competitive landscape where the author experience is key to your success, we can help you get quality author submissions. Our Author Marketing program includes a suite of marketing services to help drive author submissions in the regions that are important to you.
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  • Conference Representation

    Our sales representatives will make personal visits and exhibit at conferences on your behalf
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  • Collections

    Accucoms Collections aims to make available high ranked journal and eBook content to interested researchers and readers around the globe. We work with academic consortia, hospitals and corporations that conduct research.
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  • Marketing Services

    At Accucoms, we assemble the most appropriate and powerful mix of marketing services for any challenge at hand. We understand the importance of protecting the brand and its reputation as a collaborative partner in the publishing community.
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