Market Research & Telemarketing Report 2023

Accucoms, a global provider of market research and telemarketing services for academic publishers, conducts thousands of telemarketing calls every year. These campaigns encompass both renewal and promotional campaigns and aim to engage librarians worldwide.

Since 2004, Accucoms has executed over 1,000 telemarketing campaigns, extending its reach across diverse sectors. These services include:

  • Renewal Calls: Confirming the status of non-renewed subscriptions and delivering pro-active renewal calls
  • Promotional Calls: Promoting new and existing products, covering one-off purchases and new journal subscriptions

Alongside renewal and promotional calls, Accucoms is actively involved in various market research projects, including gap analyses, benchmarking, and survey projects. The telemarketing calls are used to conduct interviews and complete market research surveys.

In 2023, Accucoms successfully completed a series of telemarketing campaigns across the globe. The process involved collaboration with publishers, detailed campaign document preparation, and utilizing internal databases for targeted outreach. Download the full report by filling out the form below.

Market Research & Telemarketing Report 2023

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