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Accucoms provides customer service and sales representation and will gladly assist you with any request. Our role is to provide assistance with all the issues regarding your current or future subscriptions such as online activation, missing issues or any other customer service related issues. We will provide assistance during your working hours and in your own language. Please also contact us if you would like a quote for subscribing to any of our publisher partners products. In order to avoid any confusion we would like to stress that Accucoms provides these services on behalf of the publisher and does not interfere with your current relation with your subscription agency.

  • Publishers

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  • Collections

    Accucoms is pleased to bring libraries access to the highest impact Medical and Life Science journals is a series of easy-to-manage collections.
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  • Customer Services and Invoicing

    As a service provider working on behalf of multiple clients, by outsourcing your customer service and invoicing function to us we offer a cost-efficiency that is rarely possible within a single organization.
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