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Accucoms representing EdTech company BibliU in key global markets

Accucoms representing EdTech company BibliU in key global markets

“We are delighted to have Accucoms represent BibliU in Europe, Australia & New Zealand, India, South East Asia and Turkey. BibliU’s solution modernises the procurement, distribution, and experience of digital textbooks for universities. BibliU’s technology integrates with academic libraries to automate content workflows and improve student outcomes by making learning resources more affordable and accessible. Digital textbooks, for example, can be provided at a price point that works for publishers, institutions, and students.” Dave Sherwood, CEO & Founder, BibliU

“Our library customers are frequently asking us for help sourcing eTextbooks, and we are excited to be able to bring them a new, innovative platform in the shape of BibliU. Despite a crowded market, BibliU have a developed a collaborative and fresh approach to the supply of eTextbooks, which fits with the aims and goals of Accucoms. We look forward to exploring new markets on behalf of BibliU!” Simon Boisseau, Managing Director, Accucoms

About BibliU

An innovator in EdTech, BibliU’s Learning Enablement platform is used by over 150 higher ed institutions, such as Coventry University, University of Phoenix, Oxford, MIT, and Cornell University, to drive better student engagement and outcomes through more efficient, effective, and equitable learning.  Leveraging digital content management, workflow automation, and analytics, BibliU’s solution puts digital textbooks, courseware, and monographs at the fingertips of all students. Working with 2000 publishers and OER providers to deliver millions of digital resources, BibliU combines academic freedom with innovative affordability and automation to deliver unmatched value to institutions, as well as the students they serve.