Press Release

Accucoms to expand Partnership with Mark Allen to the whole of Asia

The Hague, The Netherlands – Accucoms are pleased to announce the expansion of our partnership with Mark Allen from covering just India to the whole Asia region.

We will be responsible for site licenses, archive sales and general marketing for all of the academic content published by Mark Allen including the complete healthcare, veterinary and dentistry collections as well as new products in engineering and technology.

Matt Cianfarani, Executive Director for Digital Resources at Mark Allen, said β€œwe’re looking forward to working even closer with the Accucoms team in Asia to bring our titles and collections, including Internurse, the British Journal of Nursing, Journal of Wound Care and Dental Update, to our key audiences in this important region. The Accucoms team are great to work with and have excellent relations with our existing and potential customers that we hope to bring even better service to.”

β€œWe are glad to expand our collaboration with Mark Allen from representing them in the Indian subcontinent to the whole of Asia.  Asia is a diverse region and to be successful in this vast growth market, local presence is a key to success.  Accucoms is well placed with teams in China, South Korea, India, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia, to sell and market the Mark Allen quality medical content in the niche field of Dentistry, Nursing and Allied Health, to libraries and consortia in Asia”, Rakesh Malik, Commercial Director, Accucoms Asia