Press Release

Accucoms partners with Underline Science to represent Underline’s Digital Video Library

New York City, NY, March 1, 2022 – Underline Science (underline.io), the premier virtual conference venue and digital video library for events and content in science, medicine, academia and other professional fields, has signed an agreement with Accucoms the leading provider of sales and marketing services to academic and professional publishers worldwide to represent the Underline Digital Video Library to institutions in the UK, Scandinavia, Israel, and Central & Eastern Europe.

We are delighted to have Accucoms represent Underline to academic institutions to sell our Underline Digital Video Library (DVL). The Underline DVL has 20,000+ scientific conference lectures with new videos added weekly, says Alex Lazinica, CEO, Underline Science, Inc. “The content from scientific conferences, presentations, and technical meetings is critical for scientists and the medical community to learn about the latest breakthroughs and research. At Underline, we are working to accelerate discovery by expanding access and making these scholarly lectures available to all who need them.”

“Video content is increasing in demand so we are delighted to be able to bring the Underline Digital Video Library to our library customers in the UK, Scandinavia, Central & Eastern Europe, and Israel. The Underline platform has always impressed me, and the videos are professionally published with transcripts and a DOI allowing for referencing, citations, and sharing. Accucoms specializes in bringing exciting new products such as Underline to market, and we look forward to helping it grow.” Simon Boisseau, Managing Director, Accucoms

About Underline Science

Underline is the premier virtual conference platform for events in science, medicine, academia and other professional fields. Underline’s mission is to capture and disseminate scientific knowledge through video, making it globally accessible by enriching and preserving both virtual and hybrid conference content. Underline’s groundbreaking scientific Digital Video Library is providing new opportunities to access and expand the scientific record and accelerate scientific discovery. For more information, visit the Underline website and follow Underline on Twitter