Press Release

We are delighted to be partnering with The Neurosurgical Atlas, known as the Bible of Neurosurgery

The Hague, 16 March 2023

The Neurosurgical Atlas is the most comprehensive, interactive multi-media collection that unveils novel and efficient techniques for brain surgery. Its nonprofit mission is to push the boundaries of surgical excellence to achieve the best possible patient outcomes. This partnership will enable us to develop and grow this valuable resource into institutions.

“We are hugely excited to be partnering with the Neurosurgical Atlas as they move to an institutional sales model. Since its launch in 2016 the Neurosurgical Atlas has become the go-to resource for countless residents, trainees and surgeons across the globe. Accucoms is well placed to help build on the reputation of the Neurosurgical Atlas, and help it develop and communicate its sales model to ensure sustainability and long-term growth.” Simon Boisseau, Managing Director, Accucoms

Dr Cohen-Gadol, Founder, The Neurosurgical Atlas said “We’re at an exciting inflection point for the Neurosurgical Atlas. As the world’s largest non-profit organization for neurosurgical education and research, we have built the leading immersive, comprehensive, and trusted multi-media collection of its kind. The Atlas represents my life’s work to revolutionize patient care by pushing the boundaries of surgical excellence and innovation. We’re proud of our global community of 70,000 members strong, and look forward to Accucoms’ role in helping us to bring this beloved resource to institutions worldwide”.

“Celebrating both the art and science of neurosurgery, the Atlas uses award-winning technology and visuals to train the next generation of neurosurgeons. Accucoms has been a trusted partner for many respected publishers, and we are proud to work with them to ensure the Atlas is available to institutions and their patrons in Europe. This partnership is core to our mission of growing the Atlas and maintaining its unparalleled standards of excellence”,  said Andrea Eastman-Mullins, Executive Director, The Neurosurgical Atlas

About The Neurosurgical Atlas

Dr. Cohen-Gadol, the founder of the Neurosurgical Atlas, lost his treasured niece to a rare malignant brain tumor. Rachel was only 12 years old. To follow her vision, the Atlas has, is, and will continue its unwavering commitment to decisively elevate the surgical care of patients with brain tumors. Since its inception, the Atlas has positively affected the care of thousands of patients worldwide, further reinforcing our passion for memorializing Rachel’s legacy. www.neurosurgicalatlas.com