Press Release

Our Global Sales Partnership with AIAA now includes SEA, China, Japan and Australia

The Hague, 21 June 2023

“AIAA is thrilled to announce our global sales partnership with Accucoms, marking a significant milestone in our journey. After successfully partnering with them for over a decade, we are now poised to leverage their extensive knowledge and resources to elevate AIAA’s publication sales management worldwide. With this strategic alliance, we are excited to deliver exceptional customer service and cater to clients across the globe, including key regions in SEA, China, Japan and Australia. This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to providing unparalleled value and reach in every corner of the world.” Michele Dominiak, VP Product Operations, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
“We are proud that Accucoms will be representing AIAA exclusively throughout the whole of ASIA. Although we have represented AIAA in India and South Korea for several years, we are now excited to expand the relationship to include SEA, China Japan and Australia. While the additional territories are emerging as significant players in the aerospace industry, Accucoms deep understanding of the Chinese and Japanese markets and its established relationship with the key stakeholders will enhance AIAA’s presence and engagement with the aerospace community fostering greater collaboration and growth.” Rakesh Malik, Commercial Director Asia, Accucoms

About AIAA

AIAA has earned an international reputation as the preeminent publisher of cutting-edge aerospace books and journals, and the leading source of aerospace industry archives, dating back to the early 1900s. Over the past eight decades, AIAA and its predecessor organizations have published over 300 books and almost 200,000 technical articles. AIAA’s current publications include eight technical journals, a magazinethree book series, national and international standards documents, a growing number of e-books and other electronic products, and a full-service, interactive website. www.aiaa.org