Bibliosfery – 2020

Staff in attendance: David Horky 

What will the Bibliosphere 2020 be about?
The organizers have prepared a format in which Bibliosphere participants are looking for answers to the new challenges that the present day brings to libraries in the world and in Slovakia. At the beginning, the participants summarize the year, the progress of Slovak librarianship and the implementation of trends identified at the last event. Bibliosphere – Discussions about libraries then take the form of discussions in small working groups. Each of the groups has its own leader and the individual participants are drawn on the first day of the event, which ensures diversity of views in the groups. The groups identify further new trends, focusing in particular on areas such as demography, economics, society and politics, research, education and technology.

Who are the Bibliospheres for?
The event is intended mainly for library staff working in middle and senior management positions, as well as for all those who are not afraid to offer their opinions, ideas and actively participate and discuss. The bibliosphere will go across the library community in Slovakia and concern both public and academic and scientific libraries. Each participant in the Bibliosphere will be included in a working group and will have the opportunity to actively participate in the talks.