INFO 2018


ACCUCOMS staff attending: Fanny Monegro


ACCUCOMS is attending The INFO Annual Conference & Exhibition which will take place on May 14-16, 2018 at Hilton Tel Aviv.

The Anual INFO Conference and Exhibition is Israel’s most prestigious professional information event for over three decades. It stands for the values of the Israeli information community for creating change and empowering individuals and organizations.

The conference attracts all leading information providers including academic libraries, the medical community, cooperates and government institutions, and international publishers.



INFO 2018 program

The INFO 2018 program will include seminars that are centered on a very high-level of content and technology related to information, and will be built on the following themes:

ePublishing solutions, Internet 2018, eBooks, social media, content resources & content management, digital humanities, open science 2018, fake content era, Mega trend in the information world 2018, mobile apps, the chat bot world, teaching and learning in virtual worlds, research control- systems for measuring research productivity, Medical Information, INFO Government 2018, Information for industry, and more.

Who Attends?

INFO conferences attendees include people working in all aspects of the information world like: information specialists, librarians, researchers and academics, Information and Content Managers, Heads of consortia, Research Managers, Information Procurement Managers, Research Scientists, Information buyers, Business Intelligence Managers, information Systems Managers, Project Managers, managers and executives in organizations in various sectors: academic, industrial, commercial, government, medicine and law.

Are you interested to meet our Sales Representative for the region? Please contact Fanny Monegro.