Nilde Conference

Staff in Attendance: Barbara Valcelli, contact

NILDE is the reference tool in the field of document delivery (DD) and it is used mainly by Italian libraries for sharing knowledge and circulating scientific information through the exchange of documents. It is typically used in the healthcare, scientific and academic spheres, and is therefore aimed at professionals and users within these areas.

The purpose of the event is to open up this scenario to important local entities that are not always part of a clear information circuit; these may include public libraries, specialist libraries in other fields, schools, and so on. It is felt that reciprocal relationships and links could be established with such entities, both to enhance and strengthen the assets of all concerned, and to help more and more users, from all backgrounds, to benefit from critical information. NILDE offers everyone an opportunity to access this type of information.

With these aims in mind, the event will be organised by the University of Pavia, together with the city’s three IRCCS (specialist care and scientific research institutes) and the Pavia branch of the National Research Council (CNR).