Marketing Services

At Accucoms, we assemble the most appropriate and powerful mix of marketing services for any challenge at hand. We understand the importance of protecting your brand and its reputation as a collaborative partner in the publishing community.

  • Marketing

    • Marketing Strategy
    • Campaign Development
    • Email Marketing
    • List Research and Sourcing
    • Market Research
  • Branding

    • Positioning and Messaging
    • Brand Values and Mission
    • Social Media Branding
    • Design
  • Content Creation

    • Infographics, flyers, brochures
    • Case Studies
    • Social Media
    • Content Strategy
  • Event Representation

    • Company Profile and Visibility
    • Product Display and Sales
    • Product Demo and Training

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ACCUCOMS acts on behalf of smaller academics publishers of high quality content. ACCUCOMS is the first point of contact for libraries all around the world. Browser our content collections by publisher or by title, country and subject area.

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