ACCUCOMS Announces Keynote Speakers for ACCUfest

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8 July 2014 | Leiden, The Netherlands ­­­– ACCUCOMS, the leading provider of sales and marketing services to publishers globally has announced the keynote speakers for its annual ACCUfest event. 

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ACCUfest brings together the company’s current customer base as well as academic publishers interested in ACCUCOMS’ services. The year 2014 marks the third annual ACCUfest event to be held in Heidelberg, Germany on the 5th and 6th of October. At the event, publishers can expect to be informed of current trends in scholarly publishing, mature and emerging markets, and ACCUCOMS’ services.

This year the keynote speakers, experts in the field of information management and research, are John Sack from HighWire and Margarita Ontiveros from the National Consortium for Scientific and Technological Resources Information (CONACYT) in Mexico. 

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Margarita Ontiveros holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication Science from UAM (Universidad Autónoma de Mexico) Xochimilco as well as a diploma in Design and Political Communication from the Iberoamerican University. She also completed her master’s degree in Communication and Educational Technology at the University of Stendhal in Grenoble, France.

Moreover, she is the author of several instructional design courses and has participated as a speaker and organizer of many national committees and international conferences. Margarita has published articles in the Universal Newspaper Review, the Weekly and PC Magazine RV. 

She was previously the Director of Production and Systems at the Research Center in Communication and Educational Technologies (CECTE) ILCE. From 2008 to 2010, she served as advisor to the Secretary of Higher Education (Ministry of Public Education) for a project run by the Open University and the SEP. Margarita currently serves as the General Coordinator of the National Consortium for Scientific and Technological Resources Information (CONACYT) in Mexico and is also a lecturer at UAM.



John Sack is one of the founders of HighWire Press and focuses on market assessment, client relations, technology innovation, and the kind of thought leadership and industry-forward thinking that has defined HighWire’s mission since 1995.

John’s role is to determine where the technology and publishing industries are going and how one of those might leverage the other. While this frequently involves working with new technology, as often it involves working with publishers on new ideas, opportunities, or problems they wish to address.

John is a “futurist” or “trend-spotter” in that he tries to watch what is happening in consumer and scholarly services and identify patterns that are beginning to emerge. These patterns, once articulated, can give publishers and editors a chance to think about how they might prepare for changes, or take advantage of them.


Further details about ACCUfest are available on the company’s website at this link. Prospective publishers wishing to attend ACCUfest can contact Raluca Pop, Marketing and Contracts Manager for more information ( 



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