ACCUCOMS Appoints Don West as Sales Director for North America

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Don West Pic 15 April 2014 | Leiden, The Netherlands – Don West has been appointed as Sales Director for ACCUCOMS North America as of April 2014. Don has worked in sales and sales management his entire career and brings extensive experience to his new role. Prior to joining ACCUCOMS he worked at Elsevier North America and was responsible for growing the Partnership Channel. He also led sales teams at LexisNexis and Experian. Throughout his career, Don’s teams have achieved significant revenue growth that has outpaced the market.

At Elsevier, Don obtained valuable experience in the publishing industry and this was in fact how he first came to hear of ACCUCOMS since Elsevier is a valuable customer of the company since its launch.

“During my time at Elsevier I met ACCUCOMS’ staff members and I enjoyed working with Simon Boisseau and Bill Durant. I have great respect for Pinar Erzin, Managing Director and Founder. I believe in what the company offers its clients, the value that they deliver and the Management Team that Pinar has put in place. I could envision myself working for ACCUCOMS and such a talented team of people. It was a really great fit.”

Don speaks about his very first experience in his new role: “Being at London Book Fair earlier this month was my first task on the job. During the event, I had the opportunity to meet several customers who had nothing but positive things to say about ACCUCOMS.”

Furthermore, Don is confident his abilities will best serve him in the new role and he is eager to help publishers achieve their sales objectives in North America. Working with Sales Directors Rakesh Malik, Egon Menardi and Simon Boisseau will be very important and he stresses that leaning on them initially will be crucial to his success.

When asked about how his skillset and experience align with his new position he had this to say, “I bring a different style to the team and a fresh perspective both from within the industry and from outside. My initial strategy will be to solely drive revenue in North America and to fully understand the value that ACCUCOMS provides its customers. My role and responsibilities will evolve from that point.”

Don also importantly acknowledges the challenges of the industry: “Knowing the challenges publishers and libraries face in today’s economy is very important. You need to create win-win strategies that help develop good solid working relationships.”

“Double-digit growth for publishers is becoming harder to achieve. Operating margins are becoming very tight and library budgets are remaining relatively flat year over year.  Publishers of all sizes understand this and it’s becoming more challenging to compete for new business.  Because of these challenges, now is the perfect time for publishers to take a look at the value that ACCUCOMS provides its customers and how we can help with your sales efforts.”

Despite these industry challenges, Don is optimistic about publishers wishing to grow in the global markets. He says there are three important ways in which ACCUCOMS can help publishers. ACCUCOMS can help publishers grow their business while decreasing their cost per sale. ACCUCOMS also adds value to the current relationship publishers have with the library by acting as an extension of the publisher’s current sales force. We offer a definite advantage over our competitors due to our international and multilingual flavor that we can offer publishers. 

“I believe that ACCUCOMS has great story to tell. That’s the real value the company can bring. We offer a very professional, seasoned service and are experts within the industry.”