ACCUCOMS Appoints Gail Tok as Sales Director for the APAC Region

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28 May 2014 | Leiden, The Netherlands – We are excited to announce that Gail Tok has been appointed as Sales Director for the APAC region. Gail has served in numerous managerial positions and has extensive knowledge of the APAC market.  

When asked of how her experience and skills in these positions enable her to take the region to further growth and help meet the needs of publishers, she had this to say: “I’ve worked for a publisher for almost 20 years and representing select publishers in APAC has given me insight into the needs of publishers and how best to provide quality services to them”.

“I am excited by the opportunity to work at a dynamic company invested in the future of digital publishing. This is a diverse, multi-talented and multi-cultural team.”

Furthermore, Gail speaks of her sales approach and management style as “approachable, happy to mentor and, target solutions-oriented. APAC team success is very important to me.”

She describes her first experiences at ACCUCOMS as follows: “The team has a heartwarming, collaborative spirit. There is a wealth of talent, and the team’s can-do attitude is priceless! When I was interviewed by Managing Director, Pinar Erzin, one of the first things she did was convey her condolences as my father had recently passed on. I was truly touched by her kind gesture. And this compassion is present throughout the company.”

Gail’s first tasks on the job are to identify growth opportunities, spur and motivate the APAC transition from Swets to ACCUCOMS and, to hire and groom passionate new talent to further strengthen the APAC team.

When asked of the challenges in the region and how she plans to help the team overcome these challenges, she had this to say: “Political instability resulting in investment loss leading to possible economic contraction/stagnation and reduced customer purchasing power across the board is a challenge. It is beyond our control and we can only ensure we have good growth in stable markets. We must seize the opportunities now and this will help keep everything in balance. We must keep our ear to the ground and be ready to jump back into action when stability returns and/or new opportunities arise.”

“The Chinese characters for crisis are 危機 / ‘wei ji’, which are made up of the words danger (‘wei’) and opportunity (‘ji’). I always look for the rainbow after the storm,” says an optimistic Gail.

Another challenge Gail foresees is the evolving needs of customers: “What was ‘hot’ last year is now a need of current customers. We have to ask ourselves whether we have the next level-up products. It is important to work with forward-thinking publishers who produce new and improved content, and new innovative products that meet customers’ evolving needs.”

“APAC countries are hungry for knowledge in every field, and Asian governments are especially investing strongly in educating their youth. Research is attracting funds, and gaining importance in university and government considerations. There is excellent potential for sales growth but some patience is the key as APAC markets advance at different pace.”

Gail stresses that ACCUCOMS’ multi-skilled locals in different territories combined with the dedication of the teams is what sets the company apart from others: “It’s not just a job to us, it’s a career, it’s a legacy.”

Her final words to publishers: “You’re getting an amazing team in the APAC region!” and to the ACCUCOMS global team: “The APAC team has your back!”