ACCUCOMS Facilitates ISTEX Deal for the Royal Society

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Leiden, The Netherlands – ACCUCOMS has facilitated a deal between the Royal Society and ISTEX, a French national licensing program.  Over 330 French academic institutions, Public Scientific and Technical Research Establishments (EPSTs) will now have access to the Royal Society’s extensive archive,  Science in the Making.

ACCUCOMS, representing the Royal Society in France, was instrumental in securing the deal which will now see the Royal Society open its archives to millions of academics across France as a result of this new deal. Since the launch of the project in 2012, ISTEX has strived to create an international-standard digital library as part of its mission to invest in the future of France’s higher education.

Graham Anderson, Global Sales Manager for the Royal Society said, “We are very pleased to be working with ABES and to make our re-digitized journal collection Science in the Making, including all our publishing since 1665, available to academics and institutions in France. ACCUCOMS has been instrumental in helping us drive this forward and to fulfill our mission to recognize, promote and support excellence in science.”

According to Nahriman Dougarem, ACCUCOMS Team Leader and Regional Manager for France & Southern Europe, “Helping to set up such an impactful and pioneering deal, has been a real privilege. This ambitious collaboration will advance the interests of all parties involved, not least those of students and researchers involved in the project across the region.”

The Royal Society has stood at the threshold of some of the most fundamental and significant discoveries in the history of science, publishing work from amongst others, Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin and Steven Hawking. Now, thanks to the ISTEX project and the marvels of modern technology, access to information and our collective scientific legacy will continue to transcend borders.


About the Royal Society

 The Royal Society has published scientific journals since 1665, inclusive of all scientific disciplines and drawing from sources across the globe. The fellowship, made up of many of the world’s most distinguished scientists, is committed to recognizing, promoting and supporting excellence in science and to encouraging its development and use for the benefit of humanity. For further information please visit



 Significant price increases in the acquisition of electronic resources in academia in recent years led to the creation of the initiative for excellency in scientific and technical information (ISTEX). A collaboration between the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, CNRS, ABES, the Couperin Consortium and the University of Lorraine that represents the Conference of University Presidents, the ISTEX project was set up in November 2012. It offers higher education institutions and the research community access to a diverse online collection of valuable multi-disciplinary scientific literature. For more information please visit  



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