ACCUCOMS Launches 10-Year Anniversary Animation

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22 July 2014 | Leiden, The Netherlands – ACCUCOMS, the leading provider of sales and marketing services to academic publishers has announced a new short animation in celebration of the company’s 10-year anniversary. 


The Turkish version of the video script is available at this link

Raluca Pop, Marketing and Contracts Manager at ACCUCOMS expressed her enthusiasm about the project, “The idea to develop a short animation arose whilst planning for our 10-year anniversary celebrations towards the end of 2013. We had numerous brainstorming sessions with User Experience Designer, Qurie de Berk in order to put together the initial concept.”

“The marketing team contributed a myriad of creative ideas to demonstrate the company’s journey, from its initial formation in 2004, to the recent global expansion.”

Designer, Qurie de Berk had this to say about making the animation: “It feels great to have been a part of the project from the very onset. The ACCUCOMS marketing team contributed some good ideas for the illustration and overall storyline. The company also has an interesting timeline of events and this makes for a great narrative. It was a pleasure to be involved in the 10-year anniversary animation since I have great admiration for the company, its employees and for the Managing Director, Pinar Erzin.”

The 10-year anniversary movie is narrated by Simon Boisseau, Sales Director at ACCUCOMS. “We wanted a more personal approach and not a staged voice,” said Raluca Pop, Marketing and Contracts Manager. “This kind of hands-on involvement of staff members in the project makes the animation really unique and it is something we can be truly proud of.”

“The animation is tangible proof of our ability to remain flexible, innovative and ahead of the latest sales and marketing trends in order to better serve publishers, no matter where customers may be based”, continued Raluca.

Giovanni Raneri, Sales and Marketing Executive said the following, “Visualizing the (hi)story and the growth of ACCUCOMS from a one-woman-band to a complexly layered and well-directed orchestra has been an exciting and enjoyable team experience. But these creative efforts were not just about delivering a clear and entertaining visual narrative to our customers. It is also about the expertise ACCUCOMS garnered in the past ten years working together with customers. The animation is another step in keeping the attention of our customers and it shows them what we can do to help publishers grow their business around the world.”