ACCUCOMS launches The Aggregagent

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Leiden, The Netherlands – Breaking news from SSP in Vancouver, Canada. ACCUCOMS, the world-leader in sales and representation services to a wide range of publishers, launched The Aggregagent to take high quality subject collections of content to the world’s libraries. The Aggregagent allows publishers to access a greater market for their publications, without compromising brand or control over pricing, and to reinforce their independence.

Pinar Erzin, Founder and President of ACCUCOMS commented, “The Aggregagent serves a cause that I am passionate about; helping to secure the independence of societies and university presses, through exploiting the power of the many. This initiative expands the reach of publishers into those libraries used to acquiring content in larger collections. The Aggregagent takes the ‘Big Deal’ and makes it a ‘Good Deal’.”

Simon Inger, Chief Innovations Officer noted, “One of the primary reasons for joining ACCUCOMS was the chance to properly develop this great opportunity into a reality. ACCUCOMS already has a proven sales operation in place and we can layer The Aggregagent on top of this infrastructure to give us a flying start.”

The Aggregagent launched officially at the SSP Conference in Vancouver on June 2nd.

More information on The Aggregagent can be found at


ACCUCOMS is an independent provider of services to academic and professional publishers around the world. Established in 2004, ACCUCOMS now operates from the Netherlands, Turkey, Latin America, the USA, MENA, India, Taiwan and South Korea. ACCUCOMS’ multilingual teams offer efficient and intelligent representation, telesales and business intelligence services as well as user interaction programs to clients that range from large publishing houses to specialist society publishers.