ACCUFEST 2012 – First ACCUCOMS Customer Event

On 8 October this year, ACCUCOMS customers gathered in Heidelberg, Germany for the first ever edition of ACCUFEST. Bringing together customers for a day of learning and sharing had long been a dream for Pinar Erzin, Managing Director at ACCUCOMS. “ACCUFEST 2012 turned out to be an even bigger success than we had dared imagine,” notes Erzin. “Our customers really appreciated the informative parts of the day, as well as the opportunities they had to compare notes with other publishers and our sales representatives.”
“Mobile is not the future, mobility is,” was one of the main conclusions drawn by Erik Boekesteijn, the first keynote speaker and host of ACCUFEST 2012. Boekesteijn is founder and director at DOKLAB, a concept development and design company that focuses on storytelling tools for libraries, archives and museums. Boekesteijn started ACCUFEST off with inspiring examples of innovation and technology in the information services.
“Could users possibly want more?” asked the second keynote speaker, Jan Reichelt, before answering with an unequivocal  “Yes.” Reichelt, co-founder and president at Mendeley, drew attention to the user’s demands for content, metadata as well as the social layer.
During the ACCUFEST roundtables, led by industry professionals, delegates actively engaged with topics currently relevant to STM publishing, such as the range of channels to make content available to the user and bottlenecks in the publication process. 
After lunch, ACCUCOMS presented some of its plans for the future, including multi-layered services that allow publishers to pick and choose those services that they need most. Simon Boisseau, Director Institutional Sales, gave an overview of the various regions ACCUCOMS is active in, and the teams working in those regions.
The speed dating session and “Snuggle, Marry, Avoid?” facilitated conversations about the pros and cons of selling to specific regions. “Snuggle, Marry, Avoid?” provided a note of humour by letting publishers vote on the attractiveness of specific regions. While many publishers were prepared to “marry” certain regions  (Asia, Australia), other regions (Southern Europe, Africa),  proved to be more divisive.
Customer response to ACCUFEST was positive across the board, which is why ACCUCOMS has decided to repeat the event in 2013. “ACCUFEST has confirmed my belief that publishers are in constant need of reliable market information,” concludes Erzin. “Thanks to the informational content and the open atmosphere, ACCUFEST provides the perfect environment for our customers to learn and share. This makes us proud, and it makes us realize that our services are needed now more than ever.”