ACCUfest 2015 Has Been Another Success



On October 12 and 13, ACCUCOMS had its third ACCUfest event. Focusing on informative talks, market analyses and one-on-one talks with our Commercial Managers, this year’s ACCUfest which was held in Mühlheim am Main, Germany, has been another success.

Held in a different location than in previous years, delegates arrived with great hopes and excitement for the event. They then had the opportunity to interact with some of the industry’s leading experts.

Focused and serious, the delegates listened to Margarita Ontiveros, General Coordinator of the National Consortium for Scientific and Technological Resources Information, who revealed useful information on the way the Mexican consortia and government work in Latin America.

In the second part of the morning, Jeong Hwan Kim, KISTI-KESLI Consortium Administrator and Vice President of KSL South Korea, presented the Procedure and Contents for Library consortium proposal in Korea.

Geoff Worton, Subscription Sales Manager at Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., continued with a light presentation on a serious subject and explained how Outsourcing Sales becomes the keys to success.

Last but not least, Allan Groen, Associate Director for Public Services at Qatar National Library, explained how the Qatar library has grown in the past years and presented future plants of development.

Everyone had the chance to ask and interact after every presentation and address their questions. This year we extended ACCUfest into the second day to offer more opportunities for our publishers to meet face-to-face meetings with our Commercial Managers in different regions.

ACCUfest wrapped up with a fun evening reception, where the guests had the freedom to enjoy and bond with the ACCUCOMS staff. We hope that this year’s ACCUfest pin-pointed some of the most current issues and aspects in the industry and that our delegates took back home relevant information and had a good time.    

Thank you to all who attended and made ACCUfest a must-go event for 2015 and beyond. We look forward to receiving your feedback on this conference and to seeing you next year.