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Leiden, The Netherlands – ACCUCOMS is pleased to announce that Aggregagent™ now includes journals from Human Kinetics. Human Kinetics is the premier information provider to the physical activity field. The journals will be the core of the Sports Science collection and also be included in other relevant Aggregagent subject collections.

ACCUCOMS sees a growing interest in Aggregagent and its collections. With content from 21 publishers, Aggregagent, with its 462 titles, offers more than a hundred different collections addressing the needs of libraries worldwide. Every week we are in contact with and visit libraries to inform and update them on Aggregagent. In the coming months, many events and conferences will take place where ACCUCOMS sales staff will highlight Aggregagent, the participating publishers and the available collections.

“Human Kinetics is excited about the opportunity this partnership with ACCUCOMS provides to expand the reach of our journals beyond our traditional markets in North America and Europe,” said CEO Skip Maier. “For a small, independent publisher like Human Kinetics, the unique model provided by the Aggregagent seems a good fit, as it allows us to take advantage of ACCUCOMS extensive institutional sales network without a large upfront investment.”

Egon Menardi, Commercial Director at ACCUCOMS, said “Human Kinetics is the type of publisher we set out to help with Aggregagent. A small, independent publisher with fantastic content which needs to reach a wider audience across the world. As a part of Aggregagent we strive to make Human Kinetics a success across the various territories and hope to build a longstanding partnership with them.”


About Human Kinetics

Founded in 1974, Human Kinetics is the premier information provider to the physical activity field. HK’s mission is to increase the knowledge, enhance the performance, and improve the health and fitness of all people around the globe by developing and delivering authoritative information about physical activity and sport. Customers include scholars who study physical activity and health issues; professionals who apply sport, physical activity, and health knowledge in delivering useful services; and the public who engage in fitness and sports activities in many forms and who benefit from living healthier lifestyles.


ACCUCOMS is the leading independent provider of services to academic and professional publishers around the world. With its headquarters based in the Netherlands, the company operates in five continents, covering North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Turkey, India, South Korea, Taiwan and South East Asia.

ACCUCOMS’ multilingual teams offer efficient and intelligent representation, telesales and business intelligence services as well as user interaction programs to clients that range from large publishing houses to specialist society publishers. In 2016 ACCUCOMS launched Aggregagent, a new way of thinking about collection sales and changing the big deal scene in the industry.


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