New Infographic and Case Study for Publishers: “The Demand for Library & End-User Training Services in Turkey”


The use and complexity of scientific databases in academic and professional research environments is significantly growing. There is a demand from researchers, professionals, and academic librarians for a more efficient use of these new research tools. 

ACCUCOMS offers user interaction services  to educate institutional subscribers and end-users on publishers’ tools. We conducted a programme in Turkey and over 2750 end-users from more than 100 universities were reached.

As a result, we released a case study and infographic (see below) to demonstrate the results of our training programme using products from one of the publishers we currently represent. 

New Infographic and Case Study for Publishers: “The Demand for Publisher Training Services in Turkey”


Key Findings of the Case Study

Our case study explores the database training challenges facing librarians, how often librarians would like training in publishers’ products, the preferred training method for librarians and how librarians have learned to use scholarly databases up until now.

The need for effective user training sessions is apparent. The study shows that in order to secure and grow their businesses, publishers should ensure that end-users have constant access to the most up-to-date information as well as a good understanding of the functionality of publisher databases and platforms. Frequent training of end-users has the potential to increase usage, generate market awareness and improve customer retention. 

ACCUCOMS can customize training sessions according to the individual needs of publishers, libraries and end-users. Our publishers will benefit from the ACCUCOMS User Interaction Programme in several ways: raising awareness of new product enhancements; educating end-users on how to use products, services and tools effectively; increasing usage and securing subscription retention. Other benefits include solid marketing to end-users and librarians, receiving direct feedback from end-users and automatic upselling of titles. 

We encourage you to read our case study, and as your direct link to libraries across the globe, please contact us should you wish to learn more about our user interaction and training services. 


Download the Case Study

You can access the full case study about our user interaction services at the following link:


Download the Infographic

In conjunction with the above-mentioned case study on our user interaction services, we have also published a corresponding infographic for publishers: “The Demand for Publisher Training Services in Turkey”.  You can view this infographic below and save it for your own reference. Should you wish to, you can also publish our infographic on your blog or website. Please ensure that you create a link back to our website as a courtesy to us.