New Year, New Life for ACCUCOMS – Message from Founder, Pinar Erzin


New Year, New Life! ACCUCOMS Bounces Back in 2015!


The festive season gives us a chance to look back at the past year, to reflect on what has happened but to also plan for the future and challenge ourselves for the year ahead. 

As you can imagine, upon hearing of the bankrupcy of Swets Information Services, Jongbloed and then our very own company, we were distraught and we went through a very difficult and uncertain period. 

However, I am proud to say that in the end we made it and that we have reestablished ACCUCOMS. This could not have been done without our very determined team who worked with no pay and little job security for two consecutive months following the announcement of the bankrupcy. Their perseverance during this uncertain period is demonstrative of their humble, dedicated yet determined approach to business and for that myself and the management team are utterly grateful.

During those two uncertain months, the management team worked around the clock to find solutions to get the company back up and running – and quickly at that! We knew we had to bounce right back in order to stay in business. We had to be flexible and rise to the challenge that lay ahead.  

What impressed me so much during this time is that our customers stayed loyal to us; they trusted and supported us. We remained in personal contact with them, informing them of the developments along the way. And they even waited for us to reach the buy-over phase without moving their business to another company. This committment to our company, our employees and our service offering is truly priceless. 

Furthermore, I wish to thank all employees, customers and supporters of ACCUCOMS. Without your positivity we would be in a very different place right now. 

I’m particularly excited about the challenges that lay ahead, for they enable our company to further develop and hone our services within the publishing industry. 

In closing, I would like to wish you a wonderful festive season and a fantastic 2015! May we all arise stronger, healthier and happier in the coming year. 

Yours in business,

Pinar Erzin,