• For the publisher it means a way of maximizing visibility and revenue for its established titles, and a real pathway to the market for new titles. It means significant flexibility in the sales model and control over the model in each region, without compromise.
  • For the library it means the convenience of the big deal, but with significant choice about the collections, and the ability to ‘pick-and-choose’. For collections of content it means a single invoice, a single license, convenient customer service, centralized access set-up. 

Collections means being open and honest, no hidden fees, no opaque royalty calculations.

Collections leverages Accucoms’ extensive sales network and local knowledge across the world, and provides a new way for small to medium publishers to get the best of what sales agents and aggregations can offer, without the worry of cannibalizing existing subscriptions.

  • Tap in to libraries’ collections budgets
  • Remain independent and in control of your business and branding, while benefiting from selling alongside other powerful brands
  • No dilution of your brand and your pricing regime
  • Leverages Accucoms’ global sales operation
  • Reach larger purchasing groups and consortia
  • Libraries want to purchase content in larger collections, but not forced into acquiring irrelevant content in big deals.
  • Libraries are interested in high quality content, but not in small transactions