Customer Services

As academic and professional information products become more complex, the requirement to dedicate more time to communicating effectively with customers increases. At the same time, economic pressures require publishers to find ways to reduce their overheads.

If you are looking for a cost-efficient customer service solution that doesn’t mean sacrificing the quality of your service, then ACCUCOMS can help.

By outsourcing your customer service function to us, you are free to concentrate on the important and complex work of content creation. As a service provider working on behalf of multiple clients, we offer a cost-efficiency that is rarely possible within a single organization. Your customers benefit from our local language expertise and in key account management.

Our service can be arranged as a complete outsourced solution, or on a country-by-country basis to supplement your own resources with particular support in important territories.

Key elements of our service include:

  • Key Account management and support in higher Tier renewal negotiations
  • Handling all incoming calls and filtering sales inquiries
  • Lead generation campaigns
  • Provision of dedicated toll free numbers in each country where we serve your customers, if required
  • Quick and efficient management of regular queries
  • Yearly lapsed subscriptions analysis and recovery program
  • Regular reports of calls received and issues raised