Sales Representation

Sales in the academic and professional information markets is complex and time-consuming. A combination of strategic targeting based on market interpretation and follow through on leads yields results.

Accucoms can support you in achieving your international sales potential in a number of ways:

  • Full representation

    Our representation services in Europe, North America, Latin America, India, Asia Pacific, North Africa and the Middle East offer a comprehensive package that includes results driven sales representation, key account management, multilingual customer service and telemarketing campaigns to lapsed subscribers in their local languages. Our sales teams research leads, visit potential customers, give demonstrations, arrange trial access and negotiate site license access for individual institutions, large corporations, multi-nationals and consortia. Reporting is a key element of our service and we provide a quarterly analysis of prospects and current and projected sales revenues. We attend library events and conferences on your behalf to arrange meetings and report back to you on important trends.

  • Mid- and lower-tier sales representation

    If you already have a sales team in place then you will want them to concentrate on the larger accounts. This doesn’t have to mean sacrificing revenues from smaller accounts. Accucoms can provide affordable sales representation focusing on winning and retaining profitable business from these smaller accounts.

  • Lead generation

    Research and developing leads takes valuable time that could be spent actively selling. Free up your sales team by giving management of the lead generation process to Accucoms. Once we have identified and prioritized leads, we will pass them to your sales team for follow-through.

  • Sales strategy consultancy

    If direct sales is new to you or you simply want to benefit from our broad experience, then we can provide you with an overview of your sales potential and a recommended approach for maximizing revenues.

Customer Service & Key Account Management

As academic and professional information products become more complex, the requirement to dedicate more time to communicating effectively with customers increases. At the same time, economic pressures require publishers to find ways to reduce their overheads.

If you are looking for a cost-efficient customer service solution that doesn’t mean sacrificing the quality of your service, then Accucoms can help.

By outsourcing your customer service function to us, you are free to concentrate on the important and complex work of content creation. As a service provider working on behalf of multiple clients, we offer a cost-efficiency that is rarely possible within a single organization. Your customers benefit from our local language expertise and in key account management.

Our service can be arranged as a complete outsourced solution, or on a country-by-country basis to supplement your own resources with particular support in important territories.

Key elements of our service include:

  • Key Account management and support in higher Tier renewal negotiations
  • Handling all incoming calls and filtering sales inquiries
  • Lead generation campaigns
  • Provision of dedicated toll free numbers in each country where we serve your customers, if required
  • Quick and efficient management of regular queries
  • Yearly lapsed subscriptions analysis and recovery program
  • Regular reports of calls received and issues raised

Direct Marketing

List Research and Sourcing: To support your marketing and sales efforts, we can save you time when it comes to finding qualitative prospects lists. It is our expertise to build lists relevant to your subject area and target groups. To find the right lists one should be resourceful and search the market place effectively. Based on our direct marketing expertise we provide excellent list research capabilities worldwide.

Production of marketing collateral: To save time and shipping costs, we can print your leaflets, letters, inserts and order forms in our mailing house and provide the full production on your behalf.

Exhibitions and Events

It is not always possible to attend all the industry events that you might like to. Time and travel expenses can mount up, but it’s important that you maintain an active profile in the market and keep up-to-date with important news and developments within the industry.

Accucoms can help you keep your profile high by attending an event on your behalf. Our base within Europe can make this more cost-effective than sending your own staff. We also offer local language skills, which can help make your attendance more effective.

We use highly skilled staff for these events, who can deal knowledgeably and professionally with customers. We can deliver dedicated presentations on your behalf or arrange product demonstrations. We can even coordinate focus groups and other meetings if required.

At the end of the conference we will provide you with a comprehensive report describing the event, summarizing any intelligence gained and follow up action points and/or leads.