Bringing knowledge to doctors, from medical school until retirement.

A group of young residents became frustrated by the limitations of the medical education system in 2012. The multitude of unconnected resources available led to more time spent researching topics than mastering them. They took matters into their own hands, and created AMBOSS.

One year later, 95% of future doctors in Germany studying for their final exams were using AMBOSS. The AMBOSS team then realized that this overflow of information didn’t only affect medical students before their exam but also physicians, and not only in Germany but worldwide.

Fast forward a couple of years the AMBOSS team has created a pre-clinical and physician product for German speaking markets. In 2017, they closed a VC backed fundraising round to build an English language product for the US market that prepared medical students for their exams. In 2019, they raised another fundraising round, and expanded into the US clinician market. Today, AMBOSS is used by two million medical professionals in over 170 countries

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