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The “Journal of Medical Internet Research” (JMIR; ISSN 1438-8871, Medline-abbreviation: J Med Internet Res(founded in 1999, now in its 24th year!) is a leading health informatics and health services/health policy journal (ranking in the first quartile by Impact Factor in these disciplines) focusing on digital health, data science, health informatics and emerging technologies for health, medicine, and biomedical research. 

JMIR was the first open access journal covering health informatics, and the first international scientific peer-reviewed journal on all aspects of research, information and communication in the healthcare field using Internet and Internet-related technologies; a broad field, which is known as “eHealth” [see also What is eHealth and What is eHealth (2)], or now also “digital health“, which includes mHealth (mobile health). This field also has significant overlaps with what is called “consumer health informatics”, health 2.0/medicine 2.0, or participatory medicine. This focus makes JMIR unique among other medical or medical informatics journals, which tend to focus on clinical informatics or clinical applications. As eHealth/mHealth is a highly interdisciplinary field we are not only inviting research papers from the medical sciences, but also from the computer, behavioral, social and communication sciences, psychology, library sciences, informatics, human-computer interaction studies, and related fields. 

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