The Neurosurgical Atlas

Dr. Cohen-Gadol, the founder of the¬†Neurosurgical Atlas,¬†lost his treasured niece to a rare malignant brain tumor. Rachel was only 12 years old. She was the quintessential essence of faith in G-d and innocence whose unprecedented giving and kind nature changed the world for many around her. Rachel’s vision in life was focused on improving the lives of others.¬†To follow her vision, the¬†Atlas¬†has, is, and will continue its unwavering commitment to decisively elevate the surgical care of patients with brain tumors.¬†Rachel forever represents the heart and soul of the Neurosurgical Atlas.

Since its inception, the¬†Atlas¬†has positively affected the care of thousands of patients worldwide, this further reinforces our passion for memorializing Rachel’s legacy. For our inspiring patient and surgeon¬†stories, please¬†click here.

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  • Europe
  • Indian Subcontinent
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  • Australia & New Zealand

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