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The University of Chicago Press is the largest and one of the oldest university presses in the United States. It is operated by the University of Chicago and publishes a wide variety of academic titles, including The Chicago Manual of Style, numerous academic journals, and a wide array of advanced monographs in the academic fields.

One of its quasi-independent projects is the BiblioVault, a digital repository for scholarly books.

The Press building is located just south of the Midway Plaisance on the University of Chicago campus.

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  • Arts & Humanities
  • Biological Sciences
  • Social Sciences

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The Books Division of the University of Chicago Press has been publishing books for scholars, students, and general readers since 1892. The Books Division has published more than eleven thousand books since the Press was founded. It has more than five thousand books in print at the present time, including A River Runs Through It, by Norman Maclean; and The Road to Serfdom, by F. A. Hayek.


The Journals Division publishes more than 70 journals and hardcover serials, in a wide range of academic disciplines, including the social sciences, the humanities, education, the biological and medical sciences, and the physical sciences. These journals deliver original, peer-reviewed research from international scholars to a worldwide audience. Many of our journals were the first scholarly publications in their respective fields. TheAmerican Journal of Sociology, founded in 1895, is the oldest academic journal devoted to sociology, while History of Religions was the first academic journal devoted exclusively to comparative religious history. The Journals Division has been a pioneer in making scholarly and scientific journals available in electronic form in conjunction with print editions. We launched our electronic publishing program in 1995 and since 2004 all of our journals are available online.


Chicago Distribution Services (CDS) provides scholarly and professional publishers with quality services that enable global dissemination of their publications. These services include distribution, warehousing, credit and collection, marketing, sales representation, digital short-run printing, and digital repository services. CDS comprises the Chicago Distribution Center (CDC), the Chicago Digital Distribution Center (CDDC), and Chicago Subscription Fulfillment Services (CSFS). The CDC began providing distribution services in 1991, when the University of Tennessee Press became its first client. Since then, the CDC has grown to serve 100 scholarly publishers. The CDC coordinates with the Press’s Books Division to provide sales representation and/or marketing services to more than half of its client presses. The CDDC was created in 2001 and provides book publishers with digital printing services on-site at the CDC, as well as digital repository services through the BiblioVault. Currently CSFS provides a full range of customer service, warehousing and distribution, e-commerce, and renewal programs for other not-for-profit publishers.

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