Accucoms Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary and Exciting Expansion to New Territories

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27 March 2014 | Leiden, The Netherlands – ACCUCOMS, the independent provider of marketing and sales services to academic and professional publishers around the world, is proud to announce its ten-year anniversary. Acquired by the Swets Information Services Group in 2011, the company is celebrating its continued success with expansion into APAC and Latin America. This is in addition to its current presence in the USA, Costa Rica, India, Turkey, the Middle East and its headquarters in The Netherlands.

Pinar Erzin, Managing Director and Co-Founder of ACCUCOMS, attributes this success and growth to the company’s personal approach to the industry and its commitment to supporting publishers, providing them with cost-effective results. Erzin said this about these important developments: “We started ten years ago in a small office in Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands, offering telemarketing services to publishers. Back then we had about five publishers in our portfolio. Ten years later we collaborate with almost a hundred publishers across various territories and offer a wider range of services from sales representation to market research and end-user interaction services. I’m proud to say that the five publishers we initially started off with are still with us today.” 

“I would like to congratulate the entire ACCUCOMS team for all the hard work, dedication and passion, which played a vital role in our company’s success, as well as the success we achieved on behalf of our valued customers,” added Erzin.

David Main, CEO of Swets Information Services, had the following to say, “ACCUCOMS’ success has been built on its focus of helping publishers achieve their sales goals across multiple countries and covering multiple languages. By expanding the organisation into new territories we look forward to developing those services and increasing that value even further. Our goal is to be able to provide a cost effective and strongly performing global sales capability to academic publishers, societies, and university presses.”

Popke Huizinga, Director at IOS Press, one of ACCUCOMS’ customers, shared his experience of the company: “ACCUCOMS has gone from strength to strength and above and beyond my expectations over the years. It is now stronger and more active than ever. This is a company capable of listening to various scientific stakeholders and able to adapt to the changing needs of the industry. I am happy to say that ACCUCOMS now represents IOS Press in various countries and I would like to congratulate them at achieving this important milestone.” 

Kim FitzSimmons, Senior Manager of Audience Development at The American Academy of Pediatrics, another customer, also congratulates the company: “As one of the early adopters of ACCUCOMS’ sales representation services, we have been pleased to see the company grow its services and its reach across the globe over the years. ACCUCOMS is a trusted partner in our mission of improving healthcare for all children through spreading access to scholarly information, and we wish them many more years of success.”

ACCUCOMS’ expansion comes as a result of continuous success in developing the local presence of publishers in various territories and in response to the demand from publishers to further collaborate with ACCUCOMS in regions like South-East Asia and Latin America. A strong emphasis is also placed on multilingualism and this gives ACCUCOMS a clear advantage in providing effective sales and marketing services. These are highly-valued, much-needed services for publishers and the library community, where the demand to obtain exposure is an increasing challenge and of crucial importance in the digital age. Furthermore, the company has the prospect of expanding into additional territories in the near future.



ACCUCOMS is an independent provider of services to academic and professional publishers around the world. Established in 2004, ACCUCOMS now operates in Europe, Turkey, North America, Latin America, India, MENA and South East Asia. ACCUCOMS’ multilingual teams offer efficient and intelligent representation, telemarketing and business intelligence services as well as user interaction programs to clients that range from large publishing houses to specialist society publishers.  For more information about ACCUCOMS view our website or follow us on Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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