Gap Analysis

Market forecasts

Market research can gain you valuable insight into your customers’ needs and attitudes. Whether you want to market-test a new product or better understand your competitive position, our customized surveys and customer satisfaction reports can provide you with the intelligence you need to inform strategic decisions.

Market research can also be used to pinpoint sales opportunities, helping save you money by ensuring that your marketing activities are focused where they will deliver the best results.

Our market research services include:


  • Gap Analysis

This service provides you with a comprehensive report and analysis of your market potential versus current market penetration. We


  • Analyze your current customer base and identify key segments
  • Compare each segment against the total potential universe of buyers
  • Interpret this information for you and make strategic marketing and sales recommendations
  • Supply you with a high-quality list of target prospects





                                                                (view sample)

 Contact to request more information about the possibilities of a gap analysis and to receive a quote. view a sample of a gap analysis report here.

  • List research and sourcing

    Identifying good prospects takes time and expertise. At ACCUCOMS we have access to a range of data sources and are skilled in making appropriate selections to build powerful prospect lists in particular subject areas, or to target particular customer groups.

  • Customer satisfaction surveys

    Customers are your most valuable asset so regularly monitoring their experiences and satisfaction levels is of critical importance. We will work with you to create a tailor made survey script, which can then be produced in a range of languages if required. We will conduct the survey on your behalf and provide you with a detailed report that includes our strategic recommendations.

  • Customized surveys

    We can prepare customized surveys and undertake market research projects in any area of strategic importance for you. We use a wide range of research channels that include: email, web-based research, telephone and face-to-face interviews.