Market Research & Outreach Campaigns

Your reputation depends on professional management of customer communications, so at Accucoms we provide a highly-trained and motivated team who will represent you in a knowledgeable and helpful manner.

We offer telesales support in the following areas:

Lapsed Subscriber Campaigns
These can be combined with customer satisfaction surveys to provide you with an accurate picture of your market position. Non-renewals are not always cancellations –errors and other misunderstandings are a common cause. Telemarketing can recover lost business and help to gain a deep understanding of cancellation issues and trends. It also provides an opportunity to offer new services. Our careful approach will always leave librarians with a positive view of your organization
Sample issue and trial access promotion
Customers may require trial access, or wish to review a print sample to inform a subscription decision. We can arrange this on your behalf, with subsequent follow up to convert this to an order and gain feedback.
Lead qualification
We can help maximize the efficiency of your sales efforts by reviewing and qualifying your prospects. We provide accurate contact information for decision-makers and influencers and additional information on their interests to ensure your sales team have the greatest chance of success when contacting them.
Direct mail follow-up
Follow-through on direct mail activities can provide an enormous boost to responses. It also provides useful customer feedback on your organization, products and marketing effectiveness.
Open Access Initiatives
Our expertise and multilingual telesales team can assist you selling more membership plans, promoting submissions and gathering important first-hand intelligence info.
Pro-active renewal initiatives
We call current subscribers to remind and ensure that they will renew their subscription, inquire if they have any queries or outstanding issues with the specific publisher and report to the publisher. These calls are completed before the subscriptions are expired. This campaign can easily be combined with a customer satisfaction survey and/or upgrade / upsell project .
Via phone calls or desktop research we collect missing information: e.g. address information, contact information, FTE, focus of study/research etc.




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