Faculty of 1000 (abbreviated F1000) is a publisher of services for life scientists and clinical researchers. It is composed of 5,000 Faculty Members — senior scientists and leading experts in all areas of biology and medicine — plus their associates.

The Faculty recommends the most important articles, rating them and providing short explanations for their selections.


F1000Prime identifies and recommends important articles in biology and medical research publications. Articles are selected by a peer-nominated global ‘Faculty’ of the world’s leading scientists and clinicians who then rate them and explain their importance. From the numerical ratings awarded, we have created a unique system for quantifying the importance of individual articles.

Launched in 2002, F1000Prime was conceived as a collaboration of 1,000 international Faculty Members. The name stuck even though the remit of the service continues to grow and the Faculty now numbers more than 5,000 experts worldwide, assisted by their designated associates. Their recommendations form a fully searchable database containing more than 100,000 records and identifying the best research available.

Faculty Members and article recommendations are organized into over 40 Faculties (subjects), which are further subdivided into over 300 Sections.

On average, 1,500 new recommendations are contributed by the Faculty each month.