Faculty of 1000 (abbreviated F1000) is a publisher of services for life scientists and clinical researchers, and strives to change the way science is communicated.


F1000Prime is an article recommendation service which helps you find the studies that matter. Powered by a faculty of over 8,000 leading researchers in biology and medicine, these Faculty Members and their Associate Faculty Members provide expert commentary and opinion on important articles.

Registered users are able to enjoy their own personalized homepage where they can store their searches, follow Faculty Members to be alerted to the latest recommendations, and have tailored content delivered to them on screen or by email.

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F1000Workspace is a reference manager for researchers, students, and academics – helping provide a better way to discover, read, annotate, write and share scientific research.

F1000Workspace was awarded “Best new end users product” by The Charleston Advisor in 2016. Users are able to instantly save reference from the web, receive article suggestions to discover relevant research, enjoy a range of citation tools with plugins for Word and Google Doc, and manage their research online from any computer or mobile device.

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